How to Style Your IPT

For simple customization in versions 2.6 or higher please use UI Management.

Customization using custom.css does not work in version 2.5.0, see this issue.

Basic customizations can be made by editing $tomcat/webapps/ipt/styles/main.css.

Styling an IPT requires deployment using a servlet container like Tomcat. A deployment from Linux packages or Docker could only be styled by overriding the custom.css file in a forward proxy.


The following guide explains how to customize the IPT, and preserve your customization when upgrading your IPT’s version.

In short, customization can be achieved by applying CSS overrides.

  1. Apply your desired CSS overrides in custom.css (choose a different colour scheme for example). You can find this file inside the deployed WAR folder, e.g. $tomcat/webapps/ipt/styles. The original custom.css comes pre-populated with a set of example CSS overrides to change the colours used in buttons, links, etc.

  2. Upon completion, backup the custom.css file somewhere safe so that it can be added once again after each IPT upgrade, which unfortunately will overwrite the custom.css file each time.

Take a look at the screenshot to see the effect of changing the default CSS.