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Xeno-canto (XC) is an online database that provides access to sound recordings of wild birds from around the world. The recordings are shared by a growing community of thousands of recordists from around the world, amateur birdwatchers and professionals alike. The aim of Xeno-canto is to have representation of all bird sounds, meaning all taxa, to subspecies level, their complete repertoire, all of the geographic variability, at all stages of development.

The website of Xeno-canto (www.xeno-canto.org) was launched in 2005. It is run by the Xeno-canto Foundation for Nature Sounds in The Netherlands, with support from Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

Please note that the Xeno-canto dataset shared on GBIF is currently a subset of the entire XC collection. Only the recordings by recordists who have given their permission to share recording metadata with GBIF are shared at the moment. We expect the dataset to increase over time, as more recordists give permission to share data with GBIF.

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aves, birds, bird sounds; occurrence; Observation; Occurrence


Willem-Pier Vellinga
  • Metadata Provider
  • Point Of Contact
Stichting Xeno-canto voor Natuurgeluiden
Willem-Pier Vellinga
  • Metadata Provider
  • Point Of Contact
Stichting Xeno-canto voor Natuurgeluiden
Jeroen Creuwels
Data manager
P.O. Box 9517
NL-2300 RA Leiden
Niels Raes
Node manager
P.O. Box 9517
NL-2300 RA Leiden
P.O. Box 9517
NL-2300 RA Leiden

Geographic Coverage


Bounding Coordinates South West [-90, -180], North East [90, 180]

Taxonomic Coverage

Birds, with taxonomy based on IOC World Bird List.

Class Aves (Birds)

Temporal Coverage

Formation Period 1900-current

Sampling Methods

No Description available

Quality Control Identifications of recordings are subject to crowdsourced validation by the Xeno-canto community. Identifications can be discussed and flagged for review. When this is the case, the identification status is indicated in the occurrence data.

Bibliographic Citations

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