Checklist of Invasive Plants in Cuba - 2022

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This resource presents an updated checklist of invasive alien plants in Cuba based on data gathered during 2017-2022, with other relevant information like vernacular names and invasion pathway. It also include and updated list of those introduced plants which requires surveillance because it could become invasive in the short term, considered as "potentially invasive" in the sense of Regalado et al. (2012).

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Checklist; Inventorythematic; invasive; introduced; pathway


Ramona Oviedo
  • Principal Investigator
IUCN/SSC Cuban Plant Specialist Group
Lisbet Gonzalez-Oliva
  • Metadata Provider
  • Author
  • Originator
  • Point Of Contact
Red List Authority Coordinator
IUCN/SSC Cuban Plant Specialist Group
Ramona Oviedo
  • Principal Investigator
IUCN/SSC Cuban Plant Specialist Group
Luis Gonzalez Torres
  • Point Of Contact
IUCN/SSC Cuban Plant Specialist Group

Geographic Coverage


Bounding Coordinates South West [19.746, -84.902], North East [23.322, -74.158]

Taxonomic Coverage

Plants identified to species

Kingdom Plantae

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2017-11-01 / 2022-04-30

Project Data

This project try to improve Cuban plant data accessibility for conservation planning, policymaking and decision-making by organizing, consolidating and publishing CubanPSG data assessing biodiversity data user needs training students, partners and stakeholders on data mobilization making CubanPSG data available to the organizations devoted to the preservation of Cuban plant diversity and the public via GBIF and the CubanPSG websites. The project will mobilize data from at least 6,132 species conservation assessments, which include more than 18,800 occurrence records of native species, over 4,000 unpublished and undigitized occurrences of invasive species, and 16,600 unpublished digitized occurrence records from 368 conservation assessments of native species. By publishing the mobilized data through and its own website, the CubanPSG will promote the use the data in conservation planning, policymaking and decision-making through close collaboration with biodiversity stakeholders and other data holders.

Title Mobilizing Cuban plant information from the IUCN/SSC Cuban Plant Specialist Group
Identifier BID-CA2020-001-NAC
Funding This project is funded by the European Union, supported by GBIF funded under the BID programme (Biodiversity Information for Development) - BID-CA2020-001-NAC. Also is co-funded by Planta! - Plantlife Conservation Society.

The personnel involved in the project:

Lisbet Gonzalez-Oliva
  • Principal Investigator
Luis Gonzalez Torres
  • Point Of Contact
Ramona Oviedo
  • Content Provider
Alejandro Palmarola
  • Reviewer
María Antonia Castañeira
  • Content Provider
Enma Torres Roche
  • Content Provider
Diana Rodríguez-Cala
  • Content Provider

Sampling Methods

Update the list of invasive plants in Cuba based on a comprehensive compilation of novel non native plants species behaving as invasive in Cuba. For that were used personal field observations, presence records, recent publications and experts consultation. Introduced plant species considered by us as potentially become invasive in the short-term were also listed and presented as taxa non invasive that should be keep under surveillance.

Study Extent Archipielago of Cuba, for the last year ( 2017-2022)

Method step description:

  1. Identification of the new invasive plant species in Cuba based on personal field observations, recent literature, consultation to experts, herbaria and specialized taxonomic and invasive databases and compendiums. Update the last version of the checklist, and addition of common names registered, also degree of establishment and invasion pathway both based on information gathered during last 15 years of research distribution and spread of alien invasive plants in Cuba.

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  5. Oviedo R, Gonzalez-Oliva L (2022) Actualización de la lista de plantas invasoras en Cuba, distribución y rutas de invasión. (under revision)

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