Plankton community in Bongo net, MOOSE-GE cruises, North-Western Mediterranean Sea

Sampling event
Latest version published on 16 April 2021

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MOOSE GE is a yearly ocean-monitoring cruise which is part of the MOOSE program, within the Research Infrastructure ILICO, the aim of which is to monitor the North-Western Mediterranean (considered to act as a model system for larger ocean basins). This dataset contains the planktonic organisms collected by a Bongo net (180 to 200µm mesh) hauled vertically from 200m depth to the surface at each station, therefore covering organisms from ~200µm to ~2cm.

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Plankton; Imaging; EcoTaxa; Samplingevent


Institut de la Mer de Villefranche (IMEV)
Sorbonne Université/CNRS, Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche (LOV)
Jean-Olivier Irisson
  • Metadata Provider
  • Originator
Lionel Guidi
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  • Point Of Contact
Louis Caray--Counil
  • Originator
Solène Motreuil
  • Originator
Corinne Desnos
  • Originator
Amanda Elineau
  • Originator
Emilie Diamond
  • Originator
Laurent Coppola
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Geographic Coverage

See coordinates

Bounding Coordinates South West [39.995, 3.533], North East [43.884, 9.636]

Taxonomic Coverage

No Description available

Subkingdom Harosa
Phylum Mollusca, Foraminifera, Echinodermata, Chaetognatha, Bryozoa, Annelida, Cnidaria
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Hydrozoa, Ostracoda, Bivalvia, Insecta, Actinopterygii, Appendicularia, Scyphozoa, Thaliacea
Subclass Phaeodaria, Eumalacostraca, Copepoda
Order Harpacticoida, Calanoida, Salpida, Pyrosomatida, Doliolida, Actiniaria, Amphipoda, Euphausiacea, Siphonophorae
Suborder Gymnosomata, Physonectae
Infraorder Brachyura
Family Gammaridae, Temoridae, Limacinidae, Creseidae, Metridinidae, Tomopteridae, Heterorhabdidae, Euchaetidae, Eucalanidae, Centropagidae, Candaciidae, Calanidae, Acartiidae, Oithonidae, Globorotaliidae, Diphyidae, Fritillariidae, Sapphirinidae, Oikopleuridae, Oncaeidae, Corycaeidae, Hyperiidae, Abylidae, Galatheidae, Hippopodiidae, Laomediidae, Porpitidae, Salpidae, Sergestidae
Genus Podon, Evadne, Obelia, Orbulina, Noctiluca, Holothuria, Sapphirina, Copilia, Neoceratium, Goniopsyllus, Euterpina, Phronima, Atlanta, Aglaura, Euchirella, Haloptilus
Species Pelagia noctiluca, Rhopalonema velatum, Cavolinia inflexa, Creseis conica, Creseis acicula, Solmundella bitentaculata, Abylopsis tetragona, Velella velella, Styliola subula, Calocalanus pavo, Mecynocera clausi, Chelophyes appendiculata, Penilia avirostris, Cymbulia peronii, Branchiostoma lanceolatum, Agalma elegans, Eudoxoides spiralis

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 2015-07-10 / 2018-06-06

Additional Metadata

Maintenance Description periodic review of origin data
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