How to Use this Manual

This manual has three main components: an introduction with background information, a number of step-by-step tutorials and a complete reference guide including a "getting started" section and sections describing in detail the different elements of the tool.

All users are encouraged to review this introductory part and then refer to the different specific sections depending on their role(s) regarding the IPT installation. The IPT (and this manual) differentiates three type of users:

  • Administrators: in charge of installing and configuring the IPT. They can make changes to all aspects of an instance of the IPT. Administrators should refer to the "Getting Started" and the "Administration Menu" sections of the reference guide.

  • Resource Managers: they are able to create, edit, remove and manage resources (data sets and metadata). Depending on the settings they may have or not registration rights to publish resources through the GBIF Network. Resource managers should refer to the different tutorials depending on the type of data that they need to deal with (metadata, occurrences, special data types through extensions, etc.). The "Manage Resources Menu" section in the reference guide will also be very helpful for resource managers.

  • Basic users: They can only browse the resources published in an IPT installation. In future releases of the IPT they will acquire further rights OBSOLETE. For basic users the IPT works as a simple web application so no further explanation is included in this manual.