Insect Sampling Event in Israel

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This is a collection of insect data in Israel specifically Hailanot forest and Gil'ad province between 10th - 19th May, 2012. A pollard sampling protocol was used and in all observed specimen were fortified to the species taxon rank.


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Кто является создателем ресурса:

Raymond Owusu-Achiaw
Conservation Alliance No. 5 Odum Street, North Dzorwulu, Post Office Box KA 30426, Kotoka International Airport KA 30426 Accra Greater Accra GH 0246656083

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Gladys Swinger
University of Ghana Department of Plant and Environmental Biology Accra Greater Accra GH

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Raymond Owusu-Achiaw
Natural Resource Manager
Conservation Alliance No. 5 Odum Street, North Dzorwulu, Post Office Box KA 30426, Kotoka International Airport KA 30426 Accra Accra GH 0246656083

Географический охват

Gil'ad is at decimal latitude 32.56637 and longitude 35.06743 Hailanot Forest at latitude 32.29309 and longitude 34.89637

Ограничивающие координаты Юг Запад [31.905, 34.797], Север Восток [31.905, 34.797]

Таксономический охват

All species were ranked to the species taxon level

Species  Colotis fausta,  Colotis fausta,  Lampides boeticus,  Gesenes pumilio,  Lampides boeticus,  Pieris brassicae,  Colias croceus,  Gesenes pumilio,  Lycaena thersamon

Временной охват

Дата начала / Дата окончания 2012-05-10 / 2012-05-19

Данные проекта

The project was to study insects in the Gil'ad Taninim and Hailanot Forest in Israel. the sampling protocol used was pollard walks on 175m to 450m transect line divided into sections of 25m each with a sample unit measure of 12.5m2. In each sampled area, individual species were counted and their life stage and behavior observed. Ten (10) individuals were recorded during the sampling and were identified into five (5) species.

Название Insect Sampling Event In Israel
Финансирование Private
Описание района исследования Gil'ad Taninim and Hailanot Forest in Israel
Описание плана выполнения исследований The project sought to know the abundance of insect species in the two study areas (Gil'ad Taninim and Hailanot Forest). The study employed pollard work sampling technique on a transect range of 175m to 450m sectioned into 25m each with a sample unit of 12.5m2 at each section. This will enable the abundance and density of the insects to be determined.

Исполнители проекта:

Gladys Swinger

Методы сбора

A total length of 175m to 450m range of transect is laid in the study area and divided into 25m sections covering a single habitat. The observer counts every species seen or encountered from 5m range from each section. Special behaviors, life stage and other observations are also recorded.

Охват исследования This was one off event sampling at Gil'ad Taninim is at decimal latitude 32.56637 and decimal longitude 35.06743 and Hailanot Forest at decimal latitude 32.29309 and decimal longitude 34.89637 from 10th to 19th May, 2012.
Контроль качества Species outside the sampled range are not rerecorded. The observer is guided by the principal investigator when a new transect is observed for the first time. All recorded species are also verified by insect taxonomic expert.

Описание этапа методики:

  1. 1. Data was entered in excel worksheet and cleaned using open refine and exported as text file for final upload into the IPT platform.

Дополнительные метаданные

Цель The data was produced so that the abundance of insect species occurring in Gil'ad Taninim and Hailanot Forest areas can be known. This will help in the conservation of insects in the two areas.
Описание частоты обновления ресурса The data would be updated annually.
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