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Scientific bird ringing is a research method based on the individual marking of birds. Bird Ringing involves the marking of individual birds by highly trained ornithologists to provide vitaldata on migration patterns, demography and ecological processes.

Data Records

The data in this 出現紀錄 resource has been published as a Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A), which is a standardized format for sharing biodiversity data as a set of one or more data tables. The core data table contains 488 records.

This IPT archives the data and thus serves as the data repository. The data and resource metadata are available for download in the downloads section. The versions table lists other versions of the resource that have been made publicly available and allows tracking changes made to the resource over time.


下載最新版本的Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A)資源,或資源元數據的EML或RTF文字檔。

DwC-A資料集 下載 488 紀錄 在 Spanish 中 (22 KB) - Update frequency: 每年一次
元數據EML檔 下載 在 Spanish 中 (9 KB)
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The table below shows only published versions of the resource that are publicly accessible.



Ringing Database address ICONA - Ministry of Environment, year. Ringing and recovery data in Spain Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, SEO / BirdLife, ICO, EBD-CSIC and GOB. Madrid. Banco de datos de anillamiento del remite ICONA – Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, año. Datos de anillamiento y recuperaciones en España. Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, SEO/BirdLife, ICO, EBD-CSIC y GOB. Madrid.



The publisher and rights holder of this work is GBIF Secretariat. To the extent possible under law, the publisher has waived all rights to these data and has dedicated them to the Public Domain (CC0 1.0). Users may copy, modify, distribute and use the work, including for commercial purposes, without restriction.


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Bird ringing; bird banding; birds; aves; anillamiento científico; España; Spain



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Eurasia, Africa, America and Antartica contintent

界定座標範圍 緯度南界 經度西界 [-76.13, -88.05], 緯度北界 經度東界 [73.16, 114.06]


Waterbird group:Accipitriformes, Anseriformes, Charadriiformes, Ciconiiformes, Gaviiformes, Gruiformes, Pelecaniformes, Phoenicopteriformes, Podicipediformes, Procellariformes, Procellariiformes. Alcedinidae, Alcidae, Anatidae, Ardeidae, Burhinidae, Charadriidae, Ciconiidae, Diomedeidae, Embericidae, Fregatidae, Gaviidae, Gruidae, Haematopodidae, Hydrobatidae, Laridae, Pandionidae, Pelecanidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Phoenicopteridae, Podicipedidae, Procellariidae, Rallidae, Recurvirostridae, Scolopacidae, Stercorariidae, Sternidae, Strigidae, Sulidae, Sylviidae, Threskiornithidae y Turnicidae.

Kingdom  Animalia (Birds)


起始日期 / 結束日期 1954-11-01 / 2015-12-31


Bird ringing in Spain by SEO/BirdLife

研究範圍 Spain
品質控管 SEO/BirdLife Scheme


  1. Catching birds. Bird identify. Bird ringing. Bird data record. Bird release. Computerization. To send the information to SEO/BirdLife by To send the information to EURING Data Bank.


目的 Bird ringing. Individual marking of birds for study the biology, ecology, behaviour, movement, breeding productivity and population demography of birds
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