Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Republic of Guinea

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The Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Republic of Guinea (CVPRG) is a comprehensive listing of all vascular plant species known to occur naturally within Guinea (flowering plants, conifers, ferns, clubmosses and firmosses). Some non-native species are also included but coverage is not comprehensive. The Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Republic of Guinea is a specimen-based knowledge product, generated automatically from the Guinea Collections Database and the Guinea Names Backbone Database, both developed and maintained at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in collaboration with the staff of the National Herbarium of Guinea. We aimed to ensure that each vascular plant taxon reported in the CVPRG as occurring in Guinea is supported by at least one expert-verified collection-based record, including all taxa recorded in the Flore de la Guinée (Lisowski 2009). Key details are provided for these voucher specimens, as auditable evidence of the presence of the taxon in Guinea. The Guinea Collections Database and the Guinea Names Backbone Database are each based on records from other databases and input from experts. The Guinea Collections Database is based on an extract from Kew’s Wet Tropics Africa database which comprises records from environmental surveys for mining projects 2005-2015; records from botanical exploration and Red Listing activity in relation to Tropical Important Plant Areas and specimen records cited by Lisowski (2009) of taxa not represented in other sources. These data were complemented by: data obtained from GBIF for specimens deposited at K, MO and P; data sourced from P and georeferenced via the Guinea BID project; data sourced from BR, MO and WAG informed by the Rainbio database; specimen data provided by individual taxon specialists. The Guinea Names Backbone Database is based on a 2019 download from the African Plants Database (APD continuously updated) for the Tropical Africa area. This was complemented by Plants of the World Online records for all taxa reported in Lisowski (2009). Records are added for taxa new to science as they are published. The Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Republic of Guinea, generated automatically from the Guinea Collections Database and the Guinea Names Backbone Database, underwent two rounds of expert review by 36 taxon specialists named below. For groups lacking a taxon specialist APD was followed. We thank the taxon specialists and regional experts whose expert review has been fundamental to the quality of CVPRG. We thank all those who have compiled and shared specimen or names data with us over the years.

Family and Contributing Specialists: ACANTHACEAE Iain Darbyshire AIZOACEAE Iain Darbyshire AMARANTHACEAE Iain Darbyshire ANCISTROCLADACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore ANNONACEAE George Gosline APIACEAE Iain Darbyshire APOCYNACEAE David Goyder, Carel Jongkind AQUIFOLIACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore ARACEAE Simon Mayo, Charlotte Couch ARECACEAE Thomas Couvreur ASTERACEAE D.J.Nicholas Hind BASELLACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore BEGONIACEAE Mark Sosef BIXACEAE Gbamon Konomou BROMELIACEAE Gbamon Konomou BURSERACEAE Jean Michel Onana CALOPHYLLACEAE Gbamon Konomou CANNACEAE Gbamon Konomou CARDIOPTERIDACEAE Tim Utteridge CARICACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore CARYOPHYLLACEAE Iain Darbyshire CELASTRACEAE George Gosline CHRYSOBALANACEAE Iain Prance COLCHICACEAE Gbamon Konomou COMBRETACEAE Carel Jongkind COMMELINACEAE Ehoarn Bidault CONNARACEAE Carel Jongkind CONVOLVULACEAE Ana Rita Simões CRASSULACEAE Gbamon Konomou CYPERACEAE Isabel Larridon DIONCOPHYLLACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore DIOSCOREACEAE Paul Wilkin DIPTEROCARPACEAE Gbamon Konomou DROSERACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore EBENACEAE George Gosline ERICACEAE Gbamon Konomou ERIOCAULACEAE Sylvia Phillips EUPHORBIACEAE Gill Challen FABACEAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE Gwil Lewis FABACEAE-CAESALPINIOIDEAE-MIMOSOID Gwil Lewis, Xander van der Burgt FABACEAE-CERCIDOIDEAE Gwil Lewis FABACEAE-DETARIOIDEAE Gwil Lewis, Xander van der Burgt FABACEAE-DIALIOIDEAE Gwil Lewis, Xander van der Burgt FABACEAE-PAPILIONOIDEAE Gwil Lewis, Brian Schrire FERNS and Fern allies Aurelie Grall GENTIANACEAE Tim Utteridge GESNERIACEAE Iain Darbyshire, David Goyder GISEKIACEAE Iain Darbyshire GOODENIACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore HERNANDIACEAE Charlotte Couch ICACINACEAE Tim Utteridge IRIDACEAE Xander van der Burgt IRVINGIACEAE David Harris IXONANTHACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore LAMIACEAE Alan Paton LAURACEAE Charlotte Couch LECYTHIDACEAE Carel Jongkind LINDERNIACEAE Iain Darbyshire MALVACEAE Martin Cheek MARANTACEAE Alexandra Ley MELASTOMATACEAE Doug Stone MELIACEAE Martin Cheek MELIANTHACEAE Gbamon Konomou MOLLUGINACEAE Iain Darbyshire MORACEAE Charlotte Couch MORINGACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore MUSACEAE Gbamon Konomou MYRISTICACEAE Charlotte Couch MYRTACEAE Eve Lucas OCHNACEAE Toral Shah OLACACEAE George Gosline OLEACEAE Carel Jongkind ORCHIDACEAE Tariq Stevart, Andre Schuiteman, Charlotte Couch OROBANCHACEAE Iain Darbyshire PANDACEAE Gbamon Konomou PHYLLANTHACEAE Gill Challen PHYTOLACCACEAE Tokpa Seny Dore, Iain Darbyshire PICRODENDRACEAE Gill Challen PLUMBAGINACEAE Iain Darbyshire POACEAE Martin Xanthos PODOSTEMACEAE Martin Cheek POLYGALACEAE Jorge Paiva POLYGONACEAE Iain Darbyshire PONTEDERIACEAE Gbamon Konomou PRIMULACEAE Tim Utteridge PROTEACEAE Gbamon Konomou PUTRANJIVACEAE Alejandro Quintanar, David Harris RANUNCULACEAE Gbamon Konomou RHAMNACEAE Daniel Cahen RUBIACEAE Martin Cheek, Sally Dawson RUTACEAE Martin Cheek SAPOTACEAE Saba Rokni SMILACACEAE Gbamon Konomou THEACEAE Gbamon Konomou THYMELAEACEAE Xander URTICACEAE Alex Monro XYRIDACEAE Mike Lock ZINGIBERACEAE Mike Lock, David Harris

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Republic of Guinea

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Vascular Plants

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