GBIF Integrated Publishing Toolkit 2.0.3: Release Notes

Obsolete version

You are reading the manual for version 2.4, which is out of date. You may wish to read the manual for version 2.6. You can choose other versions of the manual with the selectors at the top right or bottom left of the page.

Upgrade instructions

To upgrade from an earlier version of the IPT, this version requires the Administrator to press the "Publish all resources" button on the Administration page immediately after specifying the location of the existing IPT data directory and pressing the "continue" button.

It is always a good idea to take the precaution of backing up the existing IPT data directory before performing an upgrade.

Dependency Notes

This new version is known to work on Tomcat 7.0, whereas problems were reported using this version of Tomcat for IPT 2.0.2. Please note IPT 2.0.3 is still designed to run on Java 5 and later.

Viewing the IPT change log

This version addressed 76 issues (43 defects, 33 enhancements/patches) See